Saturday, April 17, 2010


I have been thinking about windows this week, mostly because I have cleaned a few windows lately. I realized how important to me being able to see out a window is. I also realized that I have spent many hours of my adult life standing at windows waiting ...for John to come home, for the kids to come home, make sure the kids got to school, to see someone off for the day, to see what was going on outside. I have stood for hours while storms raged outside watching for John because he always used to travel no matter what. I would pace from window to window hoping that the next set of headlights would be his. I have looked out through various windows trying to make sure I could see the kids heading for school and getting there. At one time I watched for the school bus to pick the kids up. I have watched to see the trains go by. I have watched to see traffic on the highway or to see how foggy it is or how stormy. Windows seem to have played a large part in my life. I imagine that accounts for my claustrophobia when I am in a room with no windows for too long a time. I am grateful that I have always been able to live somewhere where I had lots of windows.


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