Sunday, May 9, 2010

Grandchildren are the best

On Friday my 11th grandchild arrived. This grandchild is no more special than any of the others but his circumstances were different. This time my daughter was the pregnant lady and since she had miscarried and had a stillborn child we were all praying for the last 8 months that all would be well with this little guy. She had a much happier pregnancy this time but when it got down to the wire he took his time getting here. I know that I didn't have to go back and forth to the hospital and go through labor for him but I know that I sure wasn't sleeping very well this last week. He is a beautiful baby and his parents are so thrilled to have him here at last. The neat thing I think is how much all Jessica's brothers and sisters-in-law were waiting and praying and giving her support and encouragement. We all worry and pray about any new baby coming into our family and next week we will probably be doing it all over again. But... for me this was my baby girl having her baby and it was tougher to go through than all the other pregnancies. I feel so blessed by Heavenly Father to know that he was with Jess and Mark all the way through this and I felt his hand in all our lives this past few months. Little baby Samuel is a precious son of our Heavenly Father and he has been sent to wonderful parents. I am so grateful to them for all the tough times they have gone through to get this little guy. He's a keeper.
Now we just have to wait for Christine and Ian to have their baby then we can relax for awhile. I love my grandkids.


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