Wednesday, January 11, 2012

where have I been for the past year?

I didn't realize that it had been more than a year since I had posted in my blog. I guess I kind of lost interest in blogging. Last year was not a year that I want to repeat. I feel like I spent the year keeping the house clean and throwing stuff out. That is stuff I like to do but not continually. We decided to sell our house and move to the city. But no one bought our house. We kept it tidy and clean and organized for ....nothing. Lately with a new realtor we seem to be having a bit of interest in the house but we have really dropped the price a lot. We wanted to be in the city so Owen didn't have to spend so much money on gas going to work each day but that didn't happen. We wanted to get out of debt by selling our house and buying a smaller cheaper one. That didn't happen. We have been waiting and waiting to be paid by many different people whose work we did but they didn't, wouldn't, couldn't pay we wait. I did discover Pinterest and found all kinds of neat things to make myself that saved money. I love to learn to do new things so that part of the year was fun. I guess the best part of the whole of 2011 was Charlie. Our 7th grandson arrived a bit early on December 20th. He's great. There is nothing like a new grandkid to make you know that family is what matters the most. Actually Owen getting his mission call was pretty spectacular too but South Africa arrghh!!! that is not a missionary Mom's dream call believe me. I will be excited and enthusiastic but I'm not there yet. I am trying to remember each day to find the joy in my journey but some days I have to look really hard..but the joy is always there somewhere. Hopefully it won't be another year before I post again.


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