Saturday, April 3, 2010


I never thought very much about being a grandma. Since I have now been one for over 13 years I figure I have got the hang of it. I think I expected my grandkids to be small versions of their parents but you know they really aren't. I can't really remember the day to day stuff when my kids were my grandkids age so maybe they are closer to being like their parents than I think. My grandkids all share one amazing trait--they are all so cute (the older ones are good looking) but when you are cute it's really hard to get mad at you. I find I have so much more tolerance for grandkids. Maybe it's because you know they are going to go home eventually, maybe it's because I've learned that in the eternal scheme of things one temper tantrum just isn't going to matter all that much. My grandkids are learners, readers, thinkers, doers. What more could you want from someone except that they be a contributing member of society and judging by their parents and the older kids I think they are all well on their way to being the kind of people society needs. Grandkids are such a blessing. I can hardly wait for the next two to get here. Because as much as I love grandkids --baby grandkids are really something special.