Sunday, January 29, 2012


There is nothing like taking child number 6 to the temple to make you realize just how blessed you are. I was there with my husband and son number 4 and his wife and I realized that all my children had been to the temple and so had started on their way back to their Heavenly Father. I have witnessed 5 temple weddings and they were wonderful too. That means that from our very humble beginnings as a family 40 years ago we now have 24 descendants. As each person joined or was born into our family they blessed us and added to us. I love the people who chose to join our family. We are a fun family but we get goofier all the time. I really love the children who were sent to our family. From number one (Yeah!!! Nathan) to number 13 (go Charlie) they each contribute in their own way. What a blessing each one of them is. I have loved being there for my children's special moments. I feel so blessed to know that they have all made such righteous choices and have achieved so much. I am so blessed to know that the Lord had enough faith in me to send me 6 wonderful children and that those 6 children would make good choices and achieve great things and do wonderful things. When John and I met over 40 years ago in University and we decided to get married before we finished school, I don't think anyone expected our marriage to last. I didn't intend to have more than 2 kids but the Lord sent us twins right off the bat so ..I needed to try again. I think I missed a few things the first time, I was kinda busy. So along came number 3 and he needed a friend so along came # 4 and then Ian decided we needed a girl so we got one. The Lord decided we needed #6 so we got him. What a blessing that last son has been. As I sat in the temple and contemplated my blessings I knew that the Lord loves me and always has. I am so grateful for each one of the 24 descendants and I am looking forward to number 25.